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The Plan:

Through hard work, determination and a lot of heart the team will make its mark in ATV Motocross the 2017 season and beyond. We will maximize our statistics with the help and support from the companies and people who have made this sport what it has become today. We will accomplish this by assembling a group of riders that have the same values the team is built on, Professionalism, Teamwork, Attitude and Ambition. Although we may not always WIN, failure is not an option.

The Goal:

To outperform the competition on and off the track. To give all that we have to WIN and represent our team and sponsors to the fullest extent. To race clean, and be respectful to all riders at all times. To bring home more championships and podium finishes than any other team in our series for 2017. Last but not least… to have fun and enjoy our time with our race families.

The History:

Team Xplicit Racing was spawn from a company known as Xplicit Motorsports. Owned by Glenn and Patricia Turner they have been involved with ATV Motocross for almost 25 years. The company was formed in 2002 and manufactured billet machined parts in the beginning. Later they shifted their focus toward retail sales of ATV parts and accessories. In 2007 they became the GNC National Parts vendor attending all rounds as exclusive trackside parts vendor. They met and built relationships with racers, companies and families that would become a lifetime of friendships. In 2012 as the economy crumbled they decided to shift their attention to a regional series known as SE Quads. Here they have truly found their place in what is known as grass roots racing at its best.

Meet the Team:

Dakoda “Down Town” Brown

Age: 7

Hometown: Ray City, Ga

Race Number: #99

Machine: DRR Too-Fast 70

Classes: SE Quads 6-9 JR, Youth 6-14 National: 70cc Open, 70cc Auto

Accomplishments: 2016 SE Quad 6-9 JR and Youth 6-14 Class Champion National Highlights: 2- 4th place finishes 70cc Open and Auto

Troy “T-ROY” West

Hometown: Evans, GA

Age: 16

Race Number: #18

Machine: Walsh CRF450

Classes: SE Quads A Class, 16-24

Accomplishments: 2016 A Class and 16-24 class Runner up, 2015 3rd Overall B Class, 2014 12-15 Mod and C Class Champion

Timothy West

Age: 43

Hometown: Evans, GA

Race Number: #17

Machine: Laeger CRF450

Classes: SE Quad 40+

Accomplishments: 2016 SE Quad 3rd Overall 40+, 2015 30+ Runner up/ 3rd 40+, 2014 30+ champion/4th Overall 40+.

Adrian ”Big Salad” Sheriff

Hometown: Toccoa, Ga

Age: 35

Race Number: #81

Machine: TRX450R

Classes: SE Quad 30+ National 30+

Accomplishments: 2016 SE Quad 30+ Runner up, 2015 3rd Overall 30+, 2014 3rd Overall 30+

Ricky Deering

Hometown: Bremen, GA

Age: 37

Race Number: #91

Machine: TRX450R

Classes: SE Quad-Pro/Expert, 30+ National: 30+A

Accomplishments: 5X SE Quad Pro/Expert Class Champion 2010-14.  National Highlights: 2008 Production A Class 3rd place, 2009 Pro-am 13th place

Christopher Nixon

Age: 27

Hometown: Pleasant Shade, TN

Race Number: #56

Machine: TRX450R

Classes: SE Quad- Pro/Expert, 25+ National- Pro-Sport, Jr. 25+ and Production A

Accomplishments: 2016 SE Quads Pro/Expert Champion. National Highlights: 1st place Finish Jr 25+, 7th place Pro-Sport

Between the riders we have assembled there are multiple Championships and numerous podium finishes just in the last season. We plan to give them the resources needed to continue to grow and make their mark in ATV Motocross. My pledge to you is to manage this team to be the true competitors they are while maintaining a professional image and attitude and representing each and every sponsor to the fullest extent. Please consider partnering with Xplicit Racing in 2017 as we begin our journey. Thank you for the opportunity to present this great group of riders.


Glenn Turner

762-323-9774 > team xplicit racing